The world’s largest economic agreement was reached without India

On Monday, it was decided that it would not be part of the 16-nation RSEP trade agreement. India said that the current form of the RSEP agreement does not satisfactorily address India’s long-standing issues and concerns.


Addressing the RSEP summit here, it highlighted India’s concerns and said, “It is not possible for India to join the RSEP agreement”.

Modi said that India is in favor of greater regional integration as well as more free trade and compliance with a rule based international system.

He said, ‘India has been actively, constructively and meaningfully involved in the negotiations of Arcep since the beginning. India has worked with the objective of balancing the transaction spirit.

Prime Minister Modi said, ‘But in these seven years of negotiations started on the RSEP, many things have changed, including the global economic and trade scenario. We cannot ignore these changes. The current form of the RSEP agreement does not fully reflect the basic spirit and accepted guiding principles of the RSEP. It also does not satisfactorily address India’s long-term issues and concerns in the current situation. ‘

Modi said, ‘Indian farmers, traders, professionals and industries have a stake in such decisions. Workers and consumers are equally important, making India a huge market and the third largest economy in terms of shopping.

The Prime Minister said, ‘When we assess the RSEP agreement keeping in mind the interest of all Indians, I do not get any positive answer. That is why neither the talisman of Gandhiji nor my soul allows me to join the RSEP.

15 countries said in a statement that they have completed text-based negotiations for all 20 chapters and all issues related to market access. They now have to finalize the legal side so that the agreement can be signed in 2020.

Rsep’s statement said, “There are many issues in India, which could not be resolved.” All the countries participating in the RSEP will work to resolve these pending issues satisfactorily among themselves.

According to sources, India is not running away from opening the doors of global competition in all regions, but it has taken a strong stand for one result, which is favorable to all countries and all sectors.

India has also rejected the argument that it is asking for the last minute in the RSEP. Sources said that India’s stand on this issue has been stable and clear from the beginning.

PM Modi-Xi Jinping met: This stone could not be shaken by earthquake- no tsunami, know the secret of Krishna butter ball | 2019

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Modi (PM Modi) met in Tamilnadu town Mahabalipuram. During this time, Prime Minister Modi took Chinese President Xi Jinping to many scenic spots in Mahabalipuram. PM Modi told the Chinese President about the South Indian culture of Mahabalipuram and its rich heritage. A picture of the meeting of the two leaders is becoming quite viral.

In this picture, PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping are seen in front of a big stone. Both leaders are standing with their hands up in front of the giant stone. This giant stone rests on a very small area and is dangerously inclined towards the front. It seems that this stone can roll forward at any time with a little stir. But it is said that for the last 1300 years this stone has been lying here.

How does this giant stone last?

It is astonishing to see this giant stone sticking in such a small place. To show this surprise to the Chinese President, Prime Minister Modi took him there. Before this, both of them also took photos and now this photo is viral. This photo is being shared widely on social media. This astonishing giant stone of Mahabalipuram remains in the discussion among the people. The story of this stone is interesting.

PM Modi-Xi Jinping met: This stone could not be shaken by earthquake- no tsunami, know the secret of Krishna butter ball | 2019

PM Modi-Xi Jinping met: This stone could not be shaken by earthquake- no tsunami, know the secret of Krishna butter ball | 2019

People here know this stone named Krishna Butter Ball, which is located in the upper part of a mountainous area of ​​Mahabalipuram. From the looks, it seems that with the slightest vibration, this giant stone can ever slip from the mountain. But this stone has been lying here for the last 1300 years. Many times it was tried to remove it from here due to its leaning forward at dangerous level, but no one got success in it.

Neither the earthquake nor the tsunami rocked the stone

In the last 1300 years, there have been many earthquakes, tsunamis, many times cyclones and other disasters, but this stone has not been affected. In the last 1300 years, the land here moved many times but she could not move this stone from here.

The weight of Krishna butter ball is 250 tons. It is surprising for the people how such a stone weighing so much rests on such a small corner. People come from far and wide to see this. It is one of the main scenic spots in Mahabalipuram. People get photographed here in the same way that PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping have taken.

7 Elephants together could not remove the stone

In 1908, the Governor of Madras, Arthur Lavalle, tried to remove this stone from here. The British government felt that even with a slight stir, this stone could be rolled and fell on the front village. In such a situation there would be loss of life and property. To avoid this, the British government tried to remove it from here.

It is said that seven elephants were planted to remove this stone, but they could not budge the stone. After that, this stone became famous in the area. People started coming from far and wide to see it.

It is not yet known how such a huge stone rests in such a small area.